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Here are digital Bibles for use in the free PocketBible app, available for all mainstream smartphones, tablets, and computers.

PocketBible PDF Scan Plain Text Language Translation Abbr.
ARWA.lbk arwa.pdf (133 MB) (coming soon) Western Armenian “Աստուածաշունչ” ARWA
AREA.lbk area.pdf (148 MB) (coming soon) Eastern Armenian “Ararat” AREA
(coming soon) (coming soon) (coming soon) Eastern Armenian “Etchmiadzin” AREE
(coming soon) (coming soon) (coming soon) Classical Armenian “Zohrabian” ARCZ
(coming soon) (coming soon) (coming soon) Western Armenian “Zareh-Oshagan” ARWZ
(coming soon) (coming soon) (coming soon) Western Armenian Lebanese Bible Society ARWL

Screen Shots on Apple iPhone

1 Cor 11.png 2 Chr 26.png 2 Ki 15.png Luke 11.png Mark 7 Full Screen.png Mark 7.png

Screen Shots on Apple iPhone ~ landscape view

Matthew 8 Large Type Horizontal.png 2 Chr 26 Horizontal.png

Screen Shots on Apple Computers

Front Matter.png 2 Samuel 12.png Mark 2.13.png

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